Paulo Fontenelle

With a vast portfolio, Paulo is a director who chooses his portfolios with pinpoint precision. And he always gets it right! His experience as a screenwriter and great chemistry with actors make him one of the greatest talents in the Brazilian cinema scene in the present day.

Awarded director and screenwriter of several theaters plays, TV content, and cinema he had a diverse path: he has worked with great names in the drama world, as well as in projects such as “If I were you – the series” (First and Second seasons), for Fox Channel, and fiction feature-length films “In love”, “In Therapy 2” “If you can… drive!”. and the documentary Blitz.

But as you can see, Paulo’s curriculum is a bit different, right? Instead of reading it, go watch it to understand his full professional abilities. We already know it!

Projects of Paulo Fontenelle

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