About us

Viralata Productions has a bit more than 10 years, but a lot of stories to tell. Since 2010 it continues going strong and steady to make a difference in the audiovisual production market.  And it really did, traveling around Brazil to create quality content and produce more than 800 movies for 300 brands. For us, frontiers do not exist. Proof of that is, besides Rio de Janeiro’s headquarters, it opened branches in Florianópolis and Porto, Portugal. And assists a vast group of clients around the world!

But we are not talking only about physical borders… a few years ago Viralata made its debut in the entertainment business and, today, has in its portfolio 7 feature films and 4 series streaming on key platforms and TV channels.

An independent production company with unique movies in its portfolio, which favors the authorial perspective of its directors. Because of that it partners with big names of the audiovisual scenario such as Globo Filmes, GNT, Canal Brasil, Canal Curta, Travel Box e Cine Brasil TV and takes part in important cinema festivals such as Rotterdam, Cine en Construcción, San Sebastian, New Directors | New Films Festival, Biarritz, Ventana Sur, Mostra Tiradentes and Festival do Rio.